Halloween Bingo Update – four books on the card

2018097 Halloween Bingo Update.001

I-Am-Half-Sick-of-Shadows-BIG-639x1024So I’ve just finished my fourth visit with Flavia De Luce and covered my Cozy Mystery square.

I found this one quite touching so I’m willing to forgive the implausibility of the plot. Besides, it’s set at Christmas and no one complains about stretched plots in “Miracle on 34th Street”.

Brat farrarI’m more than halfway through Josephine Tey’s remarkable “Brat Farrar” for the as-yet-uncalled Murder Most Foul square.

I’m fascinated by her confident and cinematic authorial voice and her evocation of an England now long gone.

high-lonesome-soundThe New Release square was called today. I’ve chosen “High Lonesome Sound” by Jaye Wells for this square. Here’s the rather spooky sounding publisher’s summary:

“In the sleepy mountain town of Moon Hollow, Virginia, there is a church with a crooked steeple. No one will say for sure how it got that way, but it’s the reason the whole town gathers every Decoration Day to honor the dead.

But this year, there are two fresh graves up on Cemetery Hill, a stranger’s come to town, and the mountain’s song is filled with dark warnings.

The good people of Moon Hollow are about to learn that some secrets are too painful to bear, and some spirits are too restless to stay buried.”


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