Something’s set to start…


Matt Goodfellow’s “Poem For A New Year” is speaking to me in darker, colder tones than last year. The “meadow-music in the dark” calls to fear and helplessness, not hope and power.

Brexit, with its toxic clouds of arrogant ignorance and prideful hate, is slowly poisoning my country.

We have spent a decade nurturing poverty, starving compassion, institutionalising misogyny and stamping out dignity.

It has to stop.

But our leaders on Right and Left are both wrong, wanting to burn down the house to rebuild from the ashes.

Something’s set to start…

A meaner, more isolated, more fearful Tory Brexit Britain where workers have no rights, no mobility and no hope and the wealthy have no limits?

A zealous, inward-looking, great-leap forward into a Socialist Brexit Britain where equality comes from shared misery and only the faithful have a voice?

A shocked, scarred and divided how-did-we-almost-do-that-to-ourselves No Brexit Britain where we have no vision but a noose avoided?

Something’s set to start…

But I’m not set. I’m not ready. I’m angry, sad, a little afraid and have never felt so powerless.

But I won’t be rolled over, by either side. I will do the traditional British thing. I will replace hope with sheer bloodymindedness. I will do all I can to shame the people who let this happen.


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