Halloween Bingo 2020 Is Almost Here

My reaction when I realised that we’d be able to play Halloween Bingo again this year?

Halloween Bingo is a game where each player gets a bingo card of 25 squares, drawn from a total set of 61 squares. The game runs from 1st September to 31st October, with Bingo calls being made every couple of days. Players can read books for any square, whether or not it’s been called but can only claim as square as part of a bingo when they’ve completed a book that fits that square.

I love this game. I enjoy watching other people play it. I enjoy the books, mine and other people’s and I enjoy getting organised so that I can mine my TBR pile for the books I need.

My reaction to getting my Bingo Card yesterday?

And here it is.

Today, I’ve been matching books from my TBR to the squares to generate my initial book list

I’m sure the booklist will change, it always has in previous games, but sorting through the books always makes me keen to read them

Now all I have to do is wait a couple of weeks for the game to start.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Bingo 2020 Is Almost Here

  1. I’m still going through my list – I think it’s going to have a LOT of re-reads on it, but I’m going to use it as a chance to update my old review posts from BL that are in draft mode on WP. Hopefully the game will make at least 25 of the long list of posts needing updating slightly less painful. 🙂

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    • Rr-reads can be fun. At least you know you won’t continue with a book you’d normally DNF so you can claim the square.

      I’m going to have to push on with reviews before the game starts or I’ll fall behind.

      How are you getting on with WP’s Blocks editor?

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      • I’m not. *In theory* the blocks editor and I should be getting along fine, but in reality, I’m constantly banging up against non-standard behaviour. I love the idea, but can’t stand how difficult it is to tweak things: like images, for example. I want to create an image block that carousels, like BL’s does when you add several books. Or being able to tweak image sizes in the collage block. I’m sure it’s all doable, just not in a way that’s clicked with me yet. I keep trying, anyway. 🙂

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