A Science Fiction Summer: ten portals to other worlds

The warm weather has vanished. It’s rainy and dull. I need somewhere to escape to and something to look forward to. Physical travel is unlikely so I’ve decided to give my summer reading a theme. I’m going to hit some of the Science Fiction books that have been piling up on my TBR shelf and use them to escape to other worlds – especially when it’s raining.

I’ve picked out ten books that I think I’ll enjoy. Thankfully, Science Fiction is a broad and varied field, so the books go from space opera, through SF thriller, through satire and humour to some serious reflections on how things might be.

Take a look at the books below and see if any of them appeal to you.

6 thoughts on “A Science Fiction Summer: ten portals to other worlds

  1. Science fiction had its Amazing Stories, which ran from 1926 to 1958, and was killed by the American conformity of the Nineteen Fifties. Science fiction really had its golden age during Isaac Asimov’s youth, when the American nation was still grappling with novelties like the dirigible and radio. Then, blogs like this one couldn’t have been imagined. The blog SLAYS the fanzines of past days, but competition is so thick on the ground for eyes and ears to watch and listen to you (podcasts) that it’s hard to penetrate the general level of noise.

    — Catxman


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