#FridayReads 2021-07-09 ‘The Basel Killings’ and ‘Autonomous’

So, it’s Saturday and I’m a day late because I took a couple of days away. Do I still call this #FridayReads? Does it become #SaturdayReads? I’m taking my cue from 20th Century Fox and 2000AD – the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and leaving the name alone.

So, this week I’ve picked books that move me along in two of my current obsessions: Euro Crime and Science Fiction.

Today, (yes, that is Saturday) saw the release of ‘The Basel Killings’, the first of Hansjörg Schneider’s books to be translated into English, so that gives me my Euro Crime book.

Alongside it I’ve picked ‘Autonomous’ which was one of the ten books in my ‘Science Fiction Summer’ reading challenge.

The Basel Killings’ by Hansjörg Schneider – translated by Mike Mi9tchell (2021)

I love Euro Crime because it gives me a way into other societies and mindsets. Not only are the locations exotic but the social norms and expectations vary hugely along with why the crime book is being written. There’s often as much social commentary as genre trope in the mix.

‘The Basel Killings’ called to me because I spent a lot of time living and working in Basel without ever breaking free enough of the ex-pat bubble to have anything more than an outsiders view. Basel is a place of cliques that are hard to penetrate and its been putting on a show for outsiders for centuries.

I’m hoping that ‘The Basel Killings’ will help me see behind the curtains and open doors I never had the opportunities to pass through.

‘Autonomous’ by Annalee Newitz (2017)

I’ve had ‘Autonomous’ on my shelves for an embarrassing number of years now. I know I want to read it but somehow it’s never made it to the top of my TBR pile. So this week, I’m finally getting to it.

It calls to me because it sounds riotously creative and it was written by someone who knows their stuff.

I’m hoping for a fast fun ride, full of the unexpected but intriguing and enough of a story to carry me along and keep me caring about the outcome.

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