‘Dragons Don’t Eat Meat’ – Valkyrie Bestiary #1 by Kim McDougall

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Well, Dragons Don’t Eat Meat was fun. I’m putting the Valkyrie Bestiary series on the Books To Relax With shelf of my library.

I loved the tone of this book. It managed to generate suspense without becoming dark or angst-ridden and without degenerating into nothing more than lightweight banter. The action and the suspense amplified as the book went on, delivering real fight scenes in which some of the good guys die. The bad guys are unpleasant but have plausible motives.

The world the story took place in is well thought through. It’s set in a near-future post-climate-change era with the human race vastly reduced in numbers and where magic has found its way back into the world. We have creatures I recognise the names of: dragons, vampires, fae, dervishes, gargoyles and Valkyrie (actually., only one Valkyrie – there’s a backstory to that one) but each of them has been…

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