#FridayReads 2120-10-08 ‘Black Parade’ and ‘Airedale’

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

This week I’m reading for my Paint It Black square and my Read by Candle Light or Flashlight squares.

For Paint It Black, I’ve found a novel which is the first book in an Urban Fantasy series and which has a black cover, the word black in the title and was written by a black author.

For Read By Candle Light Or Flashlight, I’ve picked a Kindle book because it brings it’s own illumination. My eyes aren’t up to reading a paperback by candlelight any more. I’ve picked a newly published mystery set in a near-future Yorkshire.

One of the squares has been called and the other is just because I feel like reading the book.

‘The Black Parade’ by Kyoko M (2013)

I have high hopes of The Black Parade. It has some classic Urban Fantasy elements – scheming demons trying to drag people to…

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