Look, that square’s been called and that square’s been called and that square…

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

For the past five days, Halloween Bingo has had me bouncing around like a dog impatient for a walk. I’ve had my second Bingo, finished two books and had four squares on my Bingo Card called.

My Bingo Card now looks like this:

I have:

  • two Bingos (Diagonal from bottom left to top right and second row from the bottom)
  • sixteen squares Read And Called
  • two squares Read But Not Called
  • four squares Called But Not Read

We’re 64% through the game and I’ve read books for 72% of the squares and have had 80% of my squares called.

My Halloween Bingo Library now has six five star reads in it:

I have six more books to read in the next twenty-two days, so I’m going to take a breathe and catch up on writing reviews for my Halloween books.

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