The final stretch for Halloween Bingo

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

There are ten Halloween Bingo days left. I have four books left to read. How hard can it be?

I finished ‘The Black Parade’ for my Paint It Black square today. It’s a well-written, imaginative piece of Urban Fantasy that I think many people would enjoy.

I admired the ability to change tone from light and chatty to angst-ridden or emotional or locked into battle rage and make them all work both as sciences and as aspects of the main characters. I also like the way the author seamlessly mixed movie quotes with quotes from Milton, Shakespeare and Eliot.

The plot has more romance than I’d normally look for but I was fine with that as the author managed to avoid all clichés and let the emotions be character-driven.

So now I have twenty-one squares covered and four books left to read.

I’ve made one change to the line-up…

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