Almost at Blackout Bingo

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

There’s seven days of Halloween Bingo left and I have two books to read before I make a blackout bingo.

Here’s my card.

And here’s what my Halloween Bingo Library

This week, I’ve made three last minute substitutions.

I swapped to ‘Lord Edgware Dies’, a rather good Poirot mystery, for Darkest London.

I finally gave up on Magical Realism (I just can’t keep my attention on books in this sub-genre) and used my Amplification Spell Card to move to Stephen Graham Jones dark and powerful novella ‘MappingThe Interior’. It’s a ghost story like no other and I strongly recommend it.

I’ve started ‘No Gods, No Monsters’ for the Supernatural square. It’s an excellent book but I don’t want to read it against the clock. I need time to savour it. So I’ve swapped to Luke Arnold’s (yes, he of Black Sails fame) debut novel, ‘The Last Smile In…

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