An unplanned read – ‘At First Light’ by Barbara Nickless – I’m hooked so far.

It’s Monday, so you’d think that my reading time would be completely filled with the two Irish thrillers that I wrote about in my #FridayReads post two days ago. That was the plan I was following. I’ve started the audiobook ‘The Ruin’ which, so far, is everything that I’d hoped for and was searching the covers of the kindle books on my laptop to find ‘The Invisible’ (which I’m still looking forward to reading) when I got distracted.

I saw the cover of ‘At First Light’ and couldn’t remember having bought the book. I recognised Barbara Nickless’ name. I’d enjoyed ‘Blood On The Tracks’, a well-plotted murder story that introduced a strong but guilt-ridden ex-army Railroad Cop and her service dog, tracking a killer who seems to be a Vet suffering from PTSD and kicked off her Sydney Rose Parnell series, but I didn’t remember buying ‘At First Light’

I realise now that that was because I didn’t buy it, I got it free as a Kindle First Read but, not knowing that, I opened the book to take a look.

The next thing I knew, I was six chapters in and had three books on my Read-This-Week list, not two.

 What hooked me? Well, there’s the wit and deliberately dramatic scene-setting and then there’s the puzzle of the posed dead body. Best of all, there’s the spectacle of watching the fifty-three-inch tall professor, specialising in forensic semiotics, go toe-to-toe with an oversized narcissistic anti-intellectual Police Lieutenant. 

Having shared my unexpected change of plans, I have to go. I’ve got three good books to read.

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